(Official Music Video)
Released April 28, 2021


Hearkening the spirit of Roland Barthes, director Brendan Thain Jones illustrates Painmonger through the spectacle of a wrestling match. Featuring expert performances by professional wrestlers Zach Hendrix and Kurt Krueger of Insane Championship Wrestling, as well as a cameo from artist Alex Scott, the video dances between trippy performance shots of the band, and a multitude of wrestling stunts filmed in the ring of Milwaukee's up and coming boxing gym Dropout Fightclub.



(Official Music Video)
Released November 9, 2020

Shrap.nel takes on a new life in the stop-motion animated video directed and created by local artist Francheska Gomez. Through claymation, Gomez thrusts the audience into a fantastical realm, filled with three-eyed birds and sentient worms. The video’s narrative centers around one particular worm who envies the bird creatures for their power of flight. After an attempt to fashion itself to their feathers fails, the worm’s folly is met with an unsavory form of success.