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You Win !!! is a shapeshifting trip-hop/dark-pop duo from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Inspired by video games, fantasy lore, and the absurd hierarchies humans build, You Win !!! defines their sound with a dynamic blend of thunderous arrangements, playful vocals and sharp lyrics.


L A T E S T  R E L E A S E S :


Credit: Ariel Kassulke

Credit: Ariel Kassulke

Credit: Ariel Kassulke

Credit: Lily Shea

Credit: Ariel Kassulke

Credit: Ariel Kassulke

Credit: Joseph David Bowes

Credit: Ariel Kassulke


You ever lick the foil wrapper of a cinnamon stick of gum and place it on your forehead? Or peel the paper from the foil and adorn the metal side to everything you own? Close your eyes and open them again, only to realize your room has become cold and aluminum but your skin is on fire? If not, you really must try it.



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